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Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Essential Information

 Below are some brief details about our learning this half term and some key information to help the half term run smoothly. Please do keep an eye out for regular information about our class on the new school and any last minute information or changes on the school app.  

English: In class we will continue to follow the Jane Considine scheme which proved successful last year. The children will write a detailed account of their holidays; write a script for their class assembly; and write a science fiction story about a trip to the moon. Alongside this they will study a variety of texts with a link to space – be it the science behind it, the explorers and pioneers or just a good space themed story.

Reading: Children are still expected to be reading at home and should all have their own book to take home or one of their own choice, that is at the expected standard for their age . We ask that the children read at home at least 3 x per week. They have been issued with their own Planner in which a parent/guardian should sign to say your child has completed the required reading. The children are also expected to write down 5 new words they encounter during their reading each week and define them in the planner. The planners will need to be checked in school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. In class we have whole class guided reading on a range of fiction and non fiction texts, 3 x per week as well as daily story time. Some children requiring extra assistance will be heard regularly in class. You can help your child’s progress by hearing them read for at least 5 minutes every day or questioning them on what they have read. It really is the key to all their future success.

Maths: We will continue to follow the White Rose Maths programme of study and for most of this half term the focus will be on place value: comparing, ordering and rounding numbers up to 1,000,000; Multiplication and division; and begin fractions. Children are also set 3 mathletics tasks each week which should be completed at home. Please email me if you require their login details. We also recommend they keep practising their multiplication tables on TT Rockstars at least 3 times a week, at home, as this will benefit their division and fraction work immensely. They will also continue to use TTRS in school on a regular basis.


HISTORY: Learning about Galileo, Neil Armstrong sir Isaac Newton and the Space Race of the 1950s -70s.

GEOGRAPHY: As context for the space race we will be comparing USA with Russia in the 20th century. Also Earth viewed from space and its size and place compared to all planets in the Solar System, terrain/atmosphere/ of planets

Science Researching facts and information about Planets and the Solar System, recognising Constellations, explaining day and night and famous scientists linked with forces and experimenting with gravity and Investigations: How do we know the earth is round? Can we track the sun? How does the Moon move?

RE: In R.E. we will be learning more about other religions and how we can live harmoniously together.


Computing: We will be looking at Systems and Searching. What is a system and how does it work? And how do we search online.



ART: We have already made self-portraits in the style of Julian Opie. Future lessons will follow the new Art Access online scheme of learning. This term focussing on typography.

MUSIC: We have started using a specialist music site called Charanga and are fortunate to have Mr Gleeson the music lead taking the lessons.  


PSHE – Children will be looking at their mental health and well-being and dealing with feelings.

P.E. – This half term in P.E. we will focus on fitness and gymnastics. P.E. Sessions are on Wednesday and Friday so please send your child to school already dressed in their P.E. kit.


 Things to remember:


  • All children should bring a flask or bottle of water to school. This should be taken home and washed every day.


Please read with your child for 5 minutes every day or questioning them on what they have read. It really is the key to all their future success.


  • PE is on a Wednesday and Friday for this half term. Children should come dressed in their P.E. kit and will stay in it for the rest of the day. A change of clothing is not necessary. Children need to come to school in a white t-shirt and black shorts or black tracksuit plus trainers.
  • Spellings are sent home on a Friday evening. The subsequent spelling practice of the words is the following Thursday. Spelling practice will take the form of dictated sentences. The children will receive a score out of 10 for the practiced words and another score out of 10 for the correct punctuation in their sentences and correct spellings of common words they should already know.
  • Mathletics homework will usually consist of 3 tasks I have set the children. Please ensure the children attempt these before playing on other areas of Mathletics as their scores are fed through to me and allow me to target any areas the children might be struggling with. If you have lost your login, please contact Mr Routledge
  • Children access TTRockstars 3 times a week in school, However, it is recommended that they spend 5 minutes on it every day to get super secure and quicker.
  • Children should not bring anything to school other than book bag, school book, planner, packed lunch and a water bottle.

 May I remind parents and carers to ensure that all of your child’s clothing is named as it makes finding the right owner so much



. Thank you for your continued support.

Should you need to get in touch, please contact the school office or my email address


                Mr Routledge     


Year 5 Class Blog

week ended 22nd September

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 5 Class Blog

Phew, what a day. We’ve had so much fun today dressing up as rockstars AND practicing our multiplication times tables as we relaunched TTRockstars. Children practice 3 x per week in class but it will really help them if they use it 3 x per week at home as well, for just 5 minutes at a time. In other news the children have begun sentence stacking their first fictional story of the year in ‘One Small Step’; continued comparing numbers up to 1 million in maths; looked at the religious make up of England compared to Adel ; read all about Margaret Hamilton, one of the unsung heroes behind the moon landings ; and delved into the history behind the Space Race between USA and the USSR. We have also been lucky enough to have Amy from YMCA teach them some very tricky balances!

This week’s spellings are to practice words with the short “i” sound but spelt with a “y”












Have a great weekend

Week ended 15th September

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 5 Class Blog

Hello, A less hot and humid week, this week which made school a lot more comfortable. The children have learnt about fonts and typogaphy in their inaugural art lesson ; competed their recounts of their first day ; played with numbers up to 1 million in maths ; practiced pronunciations of letters and phonics in French ; made sweet music on glockenspiels ; and had their minds blown when starting their new topic on Space which they began by learning the names of all the planets of the solar system. Even devising their own mnemonic to help remember the order. They also took a tentative first step in R.E. by recalling what they knew about ALL religions. Whole class guided reading was an extra treat as we looked at our class book, Cosmic, in more detail. Most excitingly, the children received their new planners. Please bear with us as we try and work out to get the best use from them. Inside them your child will have written what is expected from them each week at home. The children should bring them into class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as a minimum.

Please note, since I posted details of routines etc last Thursday, some have changed (this often happens at the start of the year as things get moved around). Consequently, P.E. days are now Wednesday and Friday (not Tuesday, as previously stated) with Wednesday now being gymnastics delivered by Amy from YMCA .

This week’s spellings to practise before next Thursday are more words with the –ious suffix, but this time without the ‘t’











Have a great weekend!

Week ended 7th September 2023

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 5 Class Blog

Hello and a warm welcome to Year 5, for those who don’t know me my name is Mr Routledge. I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and managed to catch up with family and friends. It’s great to be back and I’m super excited to be starting a new year in Year 5 and even luckier to be doing it with many of the children I’ve taught before. The children all seem highly enthused and motivated to be back and have settled in wonderfully.  This week has mainly been focused on settling in and establishing routines, roles and expectations and all the children have responded admirably (despite the heat outside). In maths we have been reacquainting ourselves with Place Value using much bigger numbers and reading about Galileo in anticipation of our topic on Space that we will properly begin next week. The children have begun writing their recounts of the summer holidays and spent time studying the inputs-processes-outputs required to run a system - from bicycles to smart lockers. In Art they have been painting self portraits in the style of Julian Opie.

The document detailing the overview for the whole of this term will be on the website on Monday.

In the meantime I have written this blog in advance because I usually put the spellings on here on a Friday for the children to practise in anticipation of their spellings in class, the following Thursday.

This week it is to practise the suffixes -tious and -ious

  1. ambitious
  2. fictitious
  3. infectious
  4. nutritious
  5. contentious
  6. superstitious
  7. pretentious
  8. scrumptious
  9. anxious
  10. obnoxious

Have a great weekend!

Mr Routledge

Week ended 21st July

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 5 Class Blog

Well, we made it to the end. What a year it's been. This week alone the children received their reports (thank you for the kind comments)were superstars thrice over in the performances, walked ALL THE WAY THERE AND BACK to Holt Park Library which was roughly a million miles away (according to the children), and then yesterday had a very long day (which flew by in a flash) at Scarborough beach. A day of sunshine and rockpooling interrupted by a lunchtime drenching before more fun on the beach. Unfortunately, Scarborough council had seen fit to close the public lavatories by the beach so the children had a long morning before they were able to visit the bathroom but they all managed it without any accidents! We were due to have a regular day today but the poor things could hardly keep their eyes open  by 10 am and so we had an afternoon of Taskmaster challenges involving counting, maps of the world, camouflage, and letters of the alphabet. Sorry for lack of photos my ipad is being unhelpful of late.

Finally, a big well done to the new House captains for next year who were elected in the whole school elections on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for all your support this year, its been a pleasure having the children a whole year this time. 

Have a great summer

Mr Routledge and Mrs Williams

Week ended 14th July

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 5 Class Blog

And so we finally make it to the last week of their time in Year 5. Next week is all about the show but we will still find time to walk to Holt park library on Tuesday morning, perform three shows and take a trip to Scarborough. Lets hope the weather improves. Thank you to the parents who visited us on Thursday afternoon, it was lovely to see you all. I hope our mummified tomatoes reveal didn't put anybody off their tea. This week the children have been learning how to convert units between imperial measurements and metric and have written their 'buddy' letters to September's intake of reception children, who they will buddy up with and help ease into their first few weeks in school.

The children's mural as part of Leeds city of culture festivities will be revealed at the Ralph Thoresby festival tomorrow afternoon and the official unveiling at the Ada in Holt Park will take place at  Asda in Holt Park at 4pm on Thursday 20th July. Just as we return from Scarborough, so fingers crossed we get back a bit early.

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