Adel St John The Baptist

House Teams

Our House Teams

We have four houses which are currently named after famous Yorkshire Abbeys.   Children are grouped into house teams when they first start school at ASJ. Our house teams are:


Bolton Abbey

Fountains Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey


House and Vice Captains

Each house has a captain and vice captain from Year 6. Children put themselves forward and are elected for this role yearly. All staff members are also allocated to a House Team. Our headteacher, remains neutral.  


How does the house system work?

There is a house point system where the team captains and vice captains collect the house points for their teams at the end of each week. These points are totalled and are announced each week in Friday’s Celebration Assembly.  At the end of each half term, the house with the most points overall receives the House Points Cup and is awarded a non-uniform day.


How do children receive house points?

Children can earn house points for excellent behaviour, for showing effort and resilience, for producing good work and for personal achievements. House points are also awarded for following our school rules, for showing our STEPS to politeness and for being kind and caring.  Any member of staff can award house points.