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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Welcome to Year 3!

We hope you all had a wonderful break and were able to spend some time as a family, despite the poor weather! Let's hope this final term is full of sunshine, warmth and lots of outdoor learning!


We cannot believe this is the final term! It has gone so quick and we are not ready to part with our lovely bunch! However, we have a wonderful final term planned!

This half term we will be continuing with our topic on the 'Ancient Greeks' where the children will be focusing on map skills in Geography and learning more about Europe. In science, we will be looking at plants and learning about germination and pollination. The children will also be observing these changes whilst looking after their own plants. In RE, we will be looking at incarnation and how Christians show their beliefs about God the trinity in worship (in baptism and prayer, for example) and in the way they live. We will be continuing to learn the ukulele in music and in PE we will be preparing for Sports Day! 

Dates for your diary

Week commencing 10th June-  Healthy Living Week

Tuesday 11th June- KS2 Sports Day (PM)

Thursday 27th June- Year 3 trip to the Royal Armouries 


Teachers in Y3

Staffing this term in Year 3 will stay the same where the teaching week will be covered as follows; Miss Jackson - Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Pape will cover Wednesday- Friday.  We are also supported by Miss McNamara throughout the week and Mrs Starkey will take the children on a Wednesday morning for PE and alternate Thursday afternoons for PSHE and PE. 

We understand communication is vital for sharing information. It is always busy first thing on a morning, as we are preparing the lessons for the day in class. But should you wish to pass on a message an adult at the cloakroom door can pass this on to us. Anything of urgency, or that is confidential, please ask an adult at the door and we will try and meet with you briefly in the cloakroom area. Should you wish to contact us by email, these are our addresses.

It will be useful to add both of us to any emails you send, so we can both be aware of anything needing our attention. We will aim to respond within 2 working days.

Reading in Y3

We make reading a priority in Year 3. We encourage the children to develop a love of books in all genres and themes, with a big focus on reading for pleasure. During the school day children will be reading independently as well as taking part in class guided reading. The children will be able to choose a book from our class bookcase, which they can read in class at quiet reading times. They will also choose a book from the school library to bring home. They will be able to return this book when they have finished it and choose a new one. We appreciate some books are longer and will take more than a week to read. Books will be signed in and out, so we can monitor the regularity of children’s reading.


PE is on Wednesdays and Thursdays where the children will need to come to school dressed in their PE kit with trainers. As we approach the warmer weather (we hope!) please ensure that your child brings a sun hat to school and sun cream is applied before school.  We will be focusing on athletics and netball this term. .  


Spellings will be sent home on Friday for  children to practise at home. The test will take place in school on the following Friday with Mrs Pape.

We also encourage you to read with your child at least 3 times per week. Every child in school will have a reading record, even if they are a free reader. This is a place to record any new words children have learnt, progress you see or titles of other books read at home.

Mathletics online – there will be three activities set on Mathletics that link to our learning that has taken place in the week. Your child can use paper to help them work out answers. Find Mathletics at and use your child’s logging in details to access their account. The beauty of Mathletics is, it shows the teacher how a child did with a particular learning intention but also there is an option for children to do more than just the activities set. Use the help buttons if unsure of an activity.

A national times table test now takes place in Y4, so we will prepare the children for this by testing their fast recall of answers throughout the year. To support your child at home, there are some great activities on the ‘Top Marks’ website. One game in particular, ‘Hit the Button’, requires fast recall of times table answers. Another great website is which does a mock test and has some fun games that make learning times tables fun.

Things to remember:

  • All children should bring a flask or bottle of water to school. This should be taken home and washed every day.
  • In Key Stage 2, children are required to bring their own snack, as it is no longer provided. This should be a piece of fruit to be eaten at playtime. Our school is strictly ‘nut-free’ due to some children having allergies.
  • School Policy is that, other than for religious reasons, we do not wear jewellery in school apart from a watch. We do not wear Fitbits or expensive watches as it is the responsibility of the child to keep them safe. These need to be removed for PE lessons.

We look forward to seeing you all again at celebration events that will take place for the remainder of the year. 

Many thanks,

Miss Jackson and Mrs Pape 


Year 3 Class Blog

Healthy Living Week- Seasonal tarts

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 3 Class Blog

As part of healthy living week, we have carried out our DT project which involved designing and making a seasonal tart, either savoury or sweet. The project began by researching which different fruits and vegetables grow during the summer season in Britain. We then carried out some taste testing of some of these fruits and vegetables, as well as other toppings. The children then designed and made their own seasonal tarts with the skills focus being on using a claw and bridge grip when chopping different fruits and vegetables. We also discussed why good hygiene is important when handling food. They can’t wait to eat them tomorrow! 

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Healthy Living Week - Yoga

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 3 Class Blog

This week as part of ‘Healthy Living Week’ the children took part in a yoga session with Amy from the YMCA who takes the children regularly for PE on a Wednesday. The children learnt how to control their breathing in a calm and relaxed setting.

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Sculpture designs

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 3 Class Blog

This half term we will be making clay bird sculptures based on Road Dahl’s story, Billy and the Minpins. Today we have been researching different British birds in order to help us with our designs. There were some fantastic designs and many sketches that were better than Mrs Pape’s! 

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Our Christian Values- Dioramas

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 3 Class Blog

This week we have enjoyed some wonderful art afternoons based on our whole school art project on our Christian values. The children worked in groups to design a diorama based on their given Christian value. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and all the children worked brilliantly together to create their creative piece. Each diorama will be displayed around school and we are looking forward to sharing them with the rest of the school tomorrow. 

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We are musicians!

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 3 Class Blog

This week in Music, we went outside to practice our ukulele chords - C, F, G7. Moving your fingers from one chord to the next is the trickiest, in particular G7 which uses three fingers! Mr Rickson is really pleased with the children's progress and Y3 are ahead of the lesson plans because they're doing so well! We are doing 'Blues' style music at the moment and trying to multi-task by singing and playing between three chords at the same time. The children are loving it!

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