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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Happy new year everyone!  Thank you to all of those who came to the SATs and Carlton Lodge talk- we hope you found it was helpful.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch.

Topic Book/ History

Our topic for this term will be World War Two.  Our class text will be 'When The Sky Falls' by Phil Earle- a story which is set during the Blitz in London.  Our focus will be learning about some causes of World War Two, the Home Front and The Blitz.


A lot of our writing will link with our topic and class text.

Please ensure your child is reading at the very least 3 times per week at home to support them, not just reading independently but also with an adult or sibling, allowing for discussions around what they have read.  Children take home a planner and I ask that they fill in new words or phrases they have found 3 times a week.  To be successful this year, it is imperative they develop a broad and in-depth knowledge of precise vocabulary and can infer meaning from what they have read.  A parent or carer should then sign off what they have written.  We will check the planners every week (each Monday).



In science, our topic will be Animals (including humans) where children will learn about the circulatory system and more about digestion.


Our topics this half term will be: ratio, algebra and decimals.


We will be learning about the Creation this half term and seeing if scientific discoveries are complementary or conflicting between the two accounts.


In computing, this half term, we will be focussing on programming.


So that we have sessions with a specialist PE teacher from YMCA Leeds, our PE days for this half term will be WEDNESDAYS and Fridays (rather than Tuesdays and Fridays).  Please would children come to school in PE kits on those days.  The two units this half term will be Gymnastics and Basketball.


We will be paying attention to the deliberate use of complementary and contrasting colours this half term.


Our unit will be 'Gaining Confidence Through Performance'.


We will be learning how to talk about 'The Date'.


Our topics will be Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco and 'Weighing Up Risks'.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Kind regards,

Mr Smithson, Mrs Williams and Mrs Whitehead


Year 6 Class Blog

SATs Homework

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 6 Class Blog

Just to mention- the main SPAG and maths homework will take the form of these CGP revision guides (as well as the reading 3 at least three times a week and filling in the planners).  We will be starting these from next week- please would an adult go through the answers and any corrections with the children (the answers are in the back).

The children have worked really hard so far this year and we found doing this extra practice at home consolidated their learning well and accelerated progress for many children.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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SATs and Carlton Lodge

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 6 Class Blog

Thank you to all those who attended the talk this week.  For anyone who would find it useful, I have attached the slideshows.  Like we mentioned at the talk, any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Carlton Lodge Parents' Meeting Presentation 2024.ppt


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Using Our Knowledge of Electrical Circuits

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 6 Class Blog

Design and Technology and science link really nicely this term; we have used our knowledge of electrical circuits (especially the use of a power source, conductors, switches and buzzers) to make a 'Steady-hand Game'.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed designing, making and evaluating their prototypes and using our scientific knowledge.  Well done, our Year 6 scientists!

Also, we would also like to wish all the children and their families a Happy Christmas!  They have been a delight to teach this term, not just because of their hard work and creativity, but because of how wonderfully they treat those around them.  You all must be so proud of them.  As well as this, we would also like to say a big THANK YOU for the lovely cards and extremely generous gifts.

We look forward to seeing all of you in the new year.

Mr Smithson, Mrs Williams and Mrs Whitehead

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Dance and Dodgeball

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 6 Class Blog

In physical education (P.E.) this term, we have been doing the topics of Dance and Dodgeball.  In Dance, with Mrs Whitehead, we have been learning Bhangra dancing, which is a tradition South-Asian folk dance.  Then with me, Mr Smithson, we have been doing Dodgeball sessions, involving working on hand-eye co-ordination and fleet-of-foot movements.  These are transferrable ball-game skills; the children have thoroughly enjoyed both lessons.

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Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 6 Class Blog

In computing, we have been designing our own website page which the kids have loved!  We have planned, researched and refined what we wanted to include.  Here are some examples of what we have been up to.

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