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World Book Day 2024

Out ASJ Story.  Each class has contributed but with only the very last sentence of the previous class' part of the story to write from; it does make for a very interesting, if not bizarre, story.  We asked children for suggestions of the book's title: 'The Story of Many Adventures', or, 'The Wolf, The Tiger, The Lion and The Bear', or, 'The Last Adventure'.  Enjoy. 


Christmas Concert 2023

On Thursday 21st December our school choir started our School Christmas Concert singing 'Follow that Star'.  Please click on the play button below to enjoy.  

Healthy Living Week 2023

Our annual healthy living week took place in the second week of our final half term. We had a wide range of activities taking place across the week designed to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Every day started with a 'Wake Up, Shake Up' on the play ground with great tunes and routines - some expertly led by a group of Year 5s!

The whole school took part in Sports' Day, skipping workshops, yoga workshops, a running challenge and learnt about keeping active in PSHE lessons.

'I enjoyed yoga with Amy because you got to wave the scarf and do graceful dancing.' (Annie Rec)       'I like running! It makes you fit and healthy. Doing more of it in school makes you think about doing it outside of school too.' (Josh J Y4)     'Skipping was fun because we learnt a lot of different skills and built on what we had learnt last year.' (Addy Y3)       'I enjoyed the yoga because we were calm and quiet and I had time to relax my mind.' (Joshua Y2)

Every class learnt about healthy eating and did some cooking. Some highlights were Greek salad, healthy wraps, fruit tarts and Bolognese sauce.

'I enjoyed seeing what food I eat like apples, bananas and pears.' (Aurora Rec)      'You need a variety of food from the Eatwell Guide to keep healthy. We made wraps using the Eatwell Guide. I enjoyed making and eating them!' (Alice Y2)      'We made fruit tarts which helped our cooking skills.' (Thomas J Y3)      'We made a healthy Bolognese sauce. After tasting some, we tried to make it healthier by adding more vegetables like celery, peppers and carrots.' (Viola Y5)

Years 4 and 5 took part in a bush craft workshop - spending time in nature.

'We were making fires and toasting marshmallows. Being outside in nature makes you feel happy.' (Viola Y5)

Year 6 spent a whole day completing a Basic First Aid course and years 3, 4 and 5 did some different first aid skills in class.

'We learnt first aid. How to deal with choking could be useful anytime.' (Jacob Y6)       'We learnt first aid and if you get a bee sting what you should do and how to help people.' (Addy Y3)

Christmas Service 2022

Worship Committee planned and delivered a wonderful Christmas Service. They told the Christmas story in their own words and asked some very thought provoking 'I wonder...' questions. 

Choir opened our worship by singing a Ukrainian winter song called 'Minka' that they have been practising. Here is a snippet from the performance.

The whole school joined in singing some of our favourite carols including 'Oh Little Town of Bethlehem', 'Calypso Carol' and 'Love Shone Down'.

Reception sang 'Away in a Manger' for us, complete with actions.

Finally, Choir closed our worship with a wonderful rendition of 'Ding Dong Merrily on High'. 

Thank you to all of the children who took part in any way, it was a brilliant service.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Harvest Festival 2022

On Tuesday 11th October, we held our Harvest Festival. It was planned and delivered by our Worship Committee and this was the first time they had done this independently. They did an excellent job of explaining why we celebrate harvest and gave us some 'I wonder...' questions that we could think about for the rest of the day.

Thank you so much for your generous contributions. All food collected will be going to the Leeds North West Food Bank. As part of the fantastic display, each child in school wrote something they were thankful for on a leaf. 

We began our worship with musical accompaniment provided by choir. They sang 'Autumn Days' beautifully as everyone entered the hall. This was the first time they had performed to an audience and they did it like professionals!

During the worship, we also had performances from Reception and Year 4. Reception sang 'I can sing a rainbow' adorned with handmade vegetable hats in all the colours. Year 4 performed a song on ukuleles, after just 5 weeks of teaching. Their song was called 'I like to eat' and everyone was able to join in with the words. 


On Thursday, ASJ and many other schools, took part in the 2022 Junior Warrior event at Bramham Park. As detailed in the map above, it was a 3km obstacle course. We were blessed with perfect weather, ideal for when the children had to immerse themselves in mud and water on the course, which happened a lot. The obstacles involved running, climbing, jumping, wading, crawling and scrambling under, over and through various obstacles (most involving mud or water) and ended with a giant water slide down the hill. To say the children enjoyed it would be an understatement. Their reactions varied from shouts of horror to squeals of delight to sighs of exhaustion and satisfaction at completing the gruelling but fun course.



The photo of Compassion

Compassion literally means “to suffer together.” It is defined as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another's suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering.

This photo sums up our school ethos of love, support, succeed and serve. As well as our current Christian value of Compassion.