Adel St John The Baptist

Adel St John the Baptist C of E Primary School it is our vision to:

  • to provide the highest quality education for all, ensuring every child has a chance to shine
  • to cultivate a Christian environment that is inclusive, safe, stimulating and caring
  • to foster inspired, resilient and confident learners
  • to enable children to be critical thinkers who communicate effectively
  • to nurture respectful citizens who are valued members of their community and are committed to fairness, equality and social justice

We want to ensure that our children secure firm knowledge-rich foundations on which they can build throughout their time at Adel St John the Baptist, as they transition into Key Stage 3 and beyond. Using the national curriculum as a starting point, rather than boundaries to remain within, we offer an ambitious curriculum with our core Christian values front and central.


“Memory is the residue of thought.” Daniel T Willingham


The Adel St John the Baptist curriculum is designed with knowledge at its heart to ensure that children develop a strong vocabulary base and an extensive understanding of the world.  The curriculum promotes long-term learning, and we believe that progress means knowing more and remembering more.  As pupils learn the content of the curriculum, they are making progress.  We have developed a curriculum built on current research regarding how memory works to ensure that children not only have access to 'the best that has been thought and said' but are taught this in a way that ensures children can remember the curriculum content in future years.