Adel St John The Baptist

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Adel St John the Baptist Church of England primary school is an important part of the Adel St John the Baptist church family, so I would like to tell you a little about that church family.

We are a vibrant faith community striving to worship and serve God in both new and traditional ways in a beautiful ancient setting. We see ourselves as pilgrims, travelling together and learning together on our journey of faith. We seek to share God’s love with the wider community.

Adel St John has long been a place where all ages are welcomed and valued. We have a thriving Junior church for children up to year 3 who meet during the Sunday morning service. On the 3rd Sunday of the month everyone stays in church for our All-Age service, which is a space where individuals of all ages share their thoughts on faith and how it affects their lives. For young people in school Year 4 and above we have a group ‘Ace’ which meets twice each month at 5.30pm, this enables those involved in Sunday morning sport to stay involved in church.

(During COVID times both of these activities have taken place via Zoom)

As Rector, I lead a weekly collective worship in school. I see this as a chance for children to hear the shared stories of our faith, but also to develop a habit of questioning what these stories tell us, and applying them to life. There is also a history of church members volunteering in school, for example supporting children with their reading. On special occasions the whole school, supported by many volunteers, walk along to church for services.

Adel St John the Baptist is the parish church. We hope that everyone in the community, of all faiths and none, see it as their church. We try to be here for the community in good times and bad and everyone is welcome to our events and our worship.

Alison Battye  - Rector


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