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Year 4 Curriculum Map 2022-23

Year 4 Class Blog 2022-23

5Ks Treasure Hunt

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog 2022-23

This week, the children were continuing with their Sikhism learning, finding out about what the 5Ks are and what they mean to Sikhs now. However, it wasn't as easy as being told the information though - the children had to hunt for jigsaw pieces around the room first! They did a great job and worked really well as a team to succeed. Year 4, can you remember what each of the 5Ks were to tell your adults?

Sew Good!

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog 2022-23

We've had a great week this week and after lots of effort and determination, the children finished the book covers that they have been making in DT for the last few weeks! I'm sure you'll agree that they have done a super job - sewing is never easy but these look lovely and are all fit for purpose so I look forward to seeing them in class, filled with the children's reading matter over the next couple of weeks!

Change to Collective Worship Time 1st Feb

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog 2022-23

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the change of information and any confusion - just to make you aware, as has been in Mr Dalrymple's newsletter, the Year 4 class collective worship on 1st February. will be at 2.45 and NOT at 9.30 due to some of our children going swimming on a Wednesday morning. I had changed the time on my newsletter but forgotten to draw attention to it so I hope I haven't caused any inconvenience and that you are still able to come. We look forward to seeing you at 2.45 if you are able to make it. Thanks. Mrs Fountain.

Maths Bugs

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog 2022-23

We have been learning about factors in maths this week – we know that factors are numbers multiplied together to make a given number and…I wonder if your child can tell you a word beginning with ‘I’ that all factors also have to be! This afternoon, we even made some creepy, crawly factor bugs for the wall to help us remember what factors are! There were some great bugs - here are some of the most exotic-looking!

Geography Quizzers

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog 2022-23

This afternoon, we had a geography quiz to round off our Italy topic! We had to revise first, and when house points are on offer, there's some serious revision to be done! The quiz brought some tricky questions like, What are the Dolomites? What is the longest river in Italy? And, which city has a leaning tower? But luckily, we got by with a little help from our friends, and there were some high scores! Answers to be revealed on Monday!

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