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Year 4 Essential Information

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Year 4 Essential Information

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have come back to school feeling refreshed and ready for the new term. We have lots of exciting learning ahead, including learning about Anglo Saxons in history, electricity in science and making mindfulness timers in DT. Please read our weekly updates on our Year 4 blog to find out more about what we have been doing each week. 

If you have any questions, please contact us both  on and and one of us will reply as soon as we can.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Dakin and Mrs Ventress


Reading:  Reading helps children’s learning in a huge number of ways, including improving their vocabulary, developing the quality of their writing and building their comprehension skills. We expect children to read at home at least three times per week. We ask a parent or carer sign it off in the reading record. In Year 4, it is still extremely beneficial for your child to carry out some of their home reading with an adult, either reading aloud, being read to, or a combination of the two. This allows for you to discuss the book with your child too which will help boost their comprehension skills.


Spellings: A new spelling list will be sent home each Friday and should be practised regularly, in short bursts throughout the week. The children will bring home a paper spelling homework sheet each week to complete and return the following Friday. Additional practice may take the form of recalling spellings (perhaps on the way to or from school), looking up and recording their meanings in a dictionary/online, or short dictations with an older sibling or parent e.g. if the word is ‘daughter’, a parent could ask the child to write down, ‘My daughter is called Jenny.’ Always check the punctuation as well as all spellings. The children will also have some opportunities in class to practise. In the Friday test, 7 of the words will be tested as standalone words, and 3 will be tested through a dictated sentence.


Mathletics: This is to be completed every week – there will be 3 new tasks set each week with trickier tasks (those scoring less than 50%) being re-set. Please check if your child needs support with any re-set tasks.


Times Tables Rock Stars: Towards the end of the academic year, Year 4 children are set a national ‘Times Tables Check’. The test will be completed online and will involve answering 25 questions up to 12x12, each within 6 seconds. There is no pass/fail judgement and results are not published publicly. However, it is important that your child does their best and thus, regular Times Tables Rock Stars practice at home is encouraged. We will also use TTRS twice per week in class.


PE:  Our PE days will be Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Appropriate kit (trainers, black trousers/shorts with a white t-shirt and plain black jacket/jumper) must be worn on these days. Some children will be swimming on Wednesday mornings (you will have been sent a letter to inform you if this is your child). Children who are swimming: PE kit needs to be worn to school that day with swimming costume for girls and swimming trunks for boys (worn underneath). Children will also need a bag with a towel and underwear. This bag needs to be big enough to fit all their clothes including a coat and shoes – this is because lockers will not be in use and belongings will be kept poolside.


Things to remember:

  • All children should bring a named flask or bottle of water to school. This should be taken home and washed every day.
  • Named pumps must be worn in school. Children should be able to tie laces quickly if they have lace-up pumps/outdoor shoes and pumps should be checked by a parent every half term to ensure they are in good condition to prevent trip hazards.
  • Named, appropriate clothing for the weather should be brought every day – please ensure your child has a coat if rain is forecast or looks likely, especially as we are now in winter.
  • School Policy is that, other than for religious reasons, children should not wear jewellery in school apart from a watch (smart watches are not allowed). These need to be removed for PE lessons.

Year 4 Class Blog

Cookery Time!

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog

We started off the half term with an experience day to support our persuasive writing about Sicily and did some cookery! The children were very excited to be making spicy tomato pasta, and meat and vegetarian tortilla pizzas, and what a great job they did! They made sure their hands were hygienic before starting, used the knives sensibly and all tried a bit of lots of ingredients even if they weren’t too sure…and, as it turned out, even if they were pretty spicy! The only downside is that the experience made their writing so good this week that I couldn’t mark their books without going hunting in the fridge because my mouth was watering so much at the fantastic language they had used! Well done, Year 4!

Black History Month

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog

As October is Black History Month, this week we have gone a little off-topic to learn about the incredible impact of Nelson Mandela on black history and his efforts to stamp out racism. At the beginning of the week, the children didn't really know anything about Mandela, although some had heard of him, but with all their hard work, they are now absolute experts! This afternoon they have put together their learning and produced some fantastic rhyming poetry, which some performed too! The rhyming was clever and the poems were full of historical facts. What a great end to a busy half term - well done, Year 4!

Happy half term, everyone :)

Roman Sandals

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog

This week, the children have been creative and made their very own Roman sandals! They studied what authentic sandals would have looked like and followed instructions to measure, cut, bend, fold, attach, decorate and display their fabulous footwear! What a lot of skills! And I'm sure you'll agree, they make our writing display in the corridor look extra special! Well done, everyone!

Rockstar Writing

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog

Firstly, can I say how amazing the children looked for TT Rockstars Day yesterday?! They absolutely rocked the look and loved seeing each other dressed up so thank you all for your efforts!

For the last few weeks, the children have been working hard on their sentence stacking in English, ready to write a diary of a ‘Roman day out’ this week. The children's focus was excellent and we have had some amazing vocabulary and suspense writing  – perhaps the rock costumes helped the creative flow! Here are some examples to whet your appetites before you will able to read their full pieces of writing at parents’ evening in a couple of weeks’ time.


11/12/23. This was the date we had all been waiting for. - Abigail

I felt more excited than a dog. - Dexter

I suddenly realised a full grown tiger was in the cage and then the tiger was released and the unexpected happened… - Fredrik

Suddenly I felt fuzzy. A drum beat in my ear and I fumbled for my water. - Annabeth

There was the sound of swords clashing together and thumps of people falling to the ground. - Sehaj

I saw with my own two eyes blood everywhere! – Seren

I was amazed not just at what I was seeing but how they ran in heavy armour! - Alex

Two knights on horseback started charging at each other like a bull and almost hit each other with some long sticks. THIS. WAS. WAR. - Sebby

It was man vs. man. They were both unarmed. One man grabbed a rock! – Daniel

The tiger pounced with all that he had left, claws reaching out, and finally it was over. - Freya

I told my mum about my day and the mind blowing things that happened like the gladiator fight and the coach that took forever! - Zach

Maths Minds!

Peter Dalrymple (PDalrymple) on: Year 4 Class Blog

We have worked hard on our place value learning so far this half term and have focused on rounding numbers this week; we are now ready for a new topic on Monday. Today we had a carousel of activities to help us consolidate our learning of Roman numerals, rounding and times tables. It was quite noisy in Year 4 but it was great to hear all the maths chat happening and to see the children gaining confidence in these tricky areas! Perhaps you could check how they’re getting on with it at home this weekend!

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