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Creative Curriculum



As a school, we are always striving to ensure that all our children are achieving their full potential. At Adel St John we believe this is achieved through a creative curriculum that not only excites children but provides them with opportunities that challenge and motivate them to develop a deep and life-long love of learning. The majority of children at Adel St John already enjoy and understand the benefits of reading and its links with successful writing experiences but this year we want to continue raising the profile of these essential core subjects within our school.
Throughout the year we will be taking part in a number of projects; introducing visitors and creating learning opportunities that will enable all children to develop their skills and understanding in these curriculum areas. Below are some examples of the changes we have already made and we look forward to sharing events and successes as they happen throughout the year.


D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read)

Tuesday was our first whole school D.E.A.R morning (Drop Everything and Read). 203 children and 21 adults all read for roughly 15 minutes. As one visitor remarked “It was quieter than a library.” Comments from the children included it was peaceful, great fun and all said that they would love to do it again.


Extreme Readers - ‘What is that?’ we hear you ask!

Mrs Hainsworth has challenged the children and staff to find new and interesting places to read. You might try reading in your tree house, sitting backwards on a bus or resting your head on the cat! The rules are: you must have read for at least 15 minutes in that position and you must have the title of your book showing in the photo so we can ask you about it! Photographs are being displayed on our KS2 library for all to see.  

Reading Buddies

Our 'Reading Buddies' meetings are well-underway now and being enjoyed by all. The children take turns to read to each other, helping each other with new words and encouraging expression, voice-projection and comprehension. It's wonderful to see children from different age groups working so supportively with each other and getting pleasure from reading.


Tom Palmer

Key Stage 2 had a fantastic time when they were visited by local author, Tom Palmer, a collection of whose sport and ghost stories we have in the school library and some of our classrooms, some children purchased a signed copy on the day!. The children partook in a fun reading quiz, earning themselves the chance to have a go at a penalty shoot-out, won after some valiant efforts by Joe! Tom also spoke to the children about the way he comes up with plots, characters and settings, by reading a range of fiction and non-fiction, from novels to newspapers, and by speaking to others, travelling and researching online. It is always valuable to get inspiration and ideas from people who have worked hard to get to where they are and this was a great fun way to do that.