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Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2022-23

Year 5 Essential Information

 Below are some brief details about our learning this half term and some key information to help the half term run smoothly. Please do keep an eye out for regular information about our class on the new school and any last minute information or changes on the school app.  

Mathletics:  Children are assigned 3 activities each week to complete as homework. Once the set activity is complete, children can access all areas of the site.

TTRockstars: Children access TTRockstars 3 times per week in class. As we move into equivalent and simplified fractions, continued practise on the site at home will help them even more. Just 2 minutes each day is enough.

Reading: Children will have a school book which they bring home. We ask that they read for a minimum of 3 x10mins per week. Each time they read they should record the number of pages they’ve read. Each week I would like them to identify and define 5 new words they come across. A book report is only required upon completion of the book. Please initial the reading record to confirm they have read. We will check the reading records on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday so they need to bring their records in on these days. Ideally they should bring their book in and take it home every day. Guided Reading sessions will continue daily as a whole class reading lesson.

Spellings: Weekly spellings will be put on the blog website each weekend to be practised in class the following Thursday. The spelling tests will be on full sentences using other words they should know. They need to spell all the words in the sentence correctly and punctuate it. Each week there will be at least one number word within the sentences. Please look at them with your children, read them by segmenting the sounds first and then blending, discuss meanings, try and notice them when reading or write sentences using them.

PE: In PE this half term we will doing Fitness and Netball. PE days are Monday and Wednesday and children should come to school wearing their PE kit – black shorts or track pants, white t-shirt, black jacket and trainers.

Things to remember:

  • All children should bring a flask or bottle of water to school. This should be taken home and washed every day.
  • Named pumps must be worn in school. Children should be able to tie laces quickly if they have lace-up pumps/outdoor shoes and pumps should be checked by a parent every half term to ensure they are in good condition to prevent trip hazards.
  • Named, appropriate clothing for the weather should be brought every day – please ensure your child has a coat if rain is forecast or looks likely, especially as we head towards the winter.
  • School Policy is that, other than for religious reasons, children should not wear jewellery in school apart from a watch. These need to be removed for PE lessons



Happy New Year

Posted: Jan 6, 2023 by: groutledge on: Year 5 Class Blog 2022-23

Hello, happy new year and welcome back to school! Was NYE only 6 days ago? I hope you've just about recovered. First off, may I say thank you for your generous cards and gifts over the Christmas period. It really was appreciated and was very kind of you.

This term is a short one and so I have thrust the children straight back into action this week. They have been telling me all about their Christmas holidays in their writing. In maths we have started multiplication of bigger numbers by 2 digit numbers using the traditional method that I'm sure you're all familiar with. As I keep telling the children, the maths itself is relatively easy, it's nailing the process that is proving a bit of a challenge for some. The solution is to practice, practice, practice. So if your child is struggling, encourage them to go on TTRS and to access the weekly homework on Mathletics. Our topic this term is the Industrial Revolution and its impact on Leeds. The children have found it a bit of a challenge to get to grips with what a seismic shift it was in our country's, and the world's, history and what changes it brought. So if you can offer anything in the way of information or help please speak to your child to help them understand as they struggle to imagine a life before screens let alone life 270 years ago!

This term we will also have a student in classroom observing and eventually teaching some of the lessons. I will also be in class throughout. Her name is Ms R.Mogg and I'm sure you will join me in welcoming her into the ASJ family.

This week's spellings for next Thursday 12th