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Year 6


Annual Plan

Autumn 1

We are starting the year with a fun-filled topic, Hola Mexico! The topic has obvious links to history and geography but in-line with the children’s own ideas put forward on Transition Day, we will also be covering Mexican art, music, English and maths and even some cookery – yum! Our learning will link as much as possible to our full curriculum, including Learning Logs.

Mexican Legend

Year 6s enjoyed reading their own versions of a Mexican legend, The Dwarf of Uxmal, to the Year 1 children. They tried really hard with their voice projection and expression and asked the Year 1s questions at the end to ensure they had understood and enjoyed the stories. It was lovely to watch the older and younger children learning together.

Carlton Lodge

What an amazing week we had at Carlton Lodge! The children were excellent ambassadors for our school and have every reason to be very proud of themselves for their efforts and bravery, as well as the support and encouragement they offered their classmates. We had lots of fun caving, gorge walking, climbing and abseiling, not to mention at the disco on Thursday night! A great week had by all; well done, Year 6!

Autumn 2

Our topic is called A Child’s War. We will be covering several aspects of WWI and WWII, encompassing a range of subjects with the topic, including English, art, DT and computing.

Spring 1

This half term, our topic is going to be Frozen Kingdom! It’s a great topic, full of cross-curricular learning, from learning the geographical differences between us and the Poles, looking at the science behind polar creatures’ anatomical features, sculpting polar creatures.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We had an amazing day at YWP. The weather was kind and allowed us to see lots of animals, prioritising our Frozen Kingdom's focus of polar bears. All of the park's bears were out and about for us to look closely at their behaviour, and adaptive traits, including their size, fur, which we had learnt was translucent, and their small ears, which allow the bears to maintain more body heat in cold environments. We also had a Bear Necessities talk which helped us learn more about the difficulties facing polar bears in the wild due to climate change.

Spring 2

Our topic this half term will be ‘ID’. We will be learning about hereditary traits, considering nature and nurture’s impact on our development and finishing off the term with a really exciting opportunity to learn about forensics. This will give us a great opportunity to consider writing for different purposes and for different audiences, in preparation for the SATs writing tasks, including discussion texts, stories and reports.

Forensics Day

We had such an exciting end to the term in Year 6! We spent the day learning about the job of the police and forensic detectives when solving crimes - the children took fingerprints and saliva swabs, watched how evidence is collected from crime scenes and luckily they did, because there was a murder to solve in the afternoon! Clues and evidence such as a crowbar, blood spatters and clothing had to be found and footprints analysed before the children had to give their thoughts about what might have happened - they all did a great job...perhaps there are some future detectives in our midst!

Summer 1

SATs is almost upon us so Year 6 will be working hard towards them this half term, ready to do their best and show off how brilliant they are in just a few weeks. Once the formalities are over, there will be lots of exciting things to look forward to, including Bikeability and the first rehearsals of our end of year production!