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Year 4


Annual Plan

Autumn 1

We are excited to be starting the year with a fantastic history topic: ‘I Am Warrior!’ We’ll be learning all about the Romans: their army, their daily lives, their food and their impact on modern Britain among other things.


Year 4 made a great start to the year, learning all about Democracy in PSHE. The children held their very own mini election by nominating candidates who presented their policies to the class. The rest of the class created their own ballot paper and having heard the policy ideas from each candidate they voted for the party they felt best represented their views. All of the candidates were fantastic but the winner of the election was, Mateen the Machine Party!! Well done Year 4, great learning.

Roman Numerals

As part of our topic, I Am Warrior, the children have been learning to count just like the Romans. Having learned the seven different numerals and some of the tricky rules of Roman numerals, they created their own roman numerals. 

Roman Museum

Year 4 ended there topic of 'I am Warrior!' by presenting all of their wonderful learning in a Roman Museum. They turned into super Roman museum guides for a very busy museum visit. Thank you to all the visitors for their support.

Autumn 2


We are really excited to be continuing the year with our new topic ‘Potions’. We’ll be looking at different potions from the past and present, exploring the properties of different ingredients and the reasons why they might be important. We will also be getting imaginative and creating our own potions!