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Year 2

Long term Plan

Autumn 1

This half term Year 2 have undertaken one and a half topics. We started the year with a mini topic of "All about me" which involved the children telling me all about themselves; their appearance, their likes and dislikes, their family and where they lived. It gave us lots of good writing opportunities and a chance to show off their artistic skills.

Following on from that is our main topic of, "Wriggle and Crawl", which looks at mini beasts. The children kicked things off with an arduous trek to Adel Moor for a mini beast hunt with the Meanwood Valley Ranger. Since then they have made a snail habitat and their very own wormery. They have also written instructions for all these activities and so will be able to make them again and again at home! The children are now investigating what snails eat and will then find out how far they travel for food. They have investigated what an insect is and made their own  posters about different min beasts.In ICT they have created their own Scratch programs and raced mini beasts that they have written the commands for.


Adel Moor Trip

This week, as part of their topic 'Wriggle and Crawl', Year 2 undertook an epic journey on foot to Adel Moor. There, they met park ranger David who showed them the best places to find minibeasts and was kind enough to lend them hunting equipment such as pooters, containers, identification tables and picture guides. The children were eagle eyed hunters and found slugs, spiders, frog hoppers, woodlice, grasshoppers, beetles and no shortage of wasps. A fantastic start to our new topic!

Autumn 2

This half term Year 2's topic is Muck n' Mess. This is a science and art based topic in which children look at how materials can be altered by manipulation, mixing, dissolving, and heating etc. The topic began with a Muck n mess day in which children got very messy indeed creating new materials from combinations of others including making bath bombs and their own butter. Children will also go on to make their own potions from which much writing will be inspired. There will also be investigations into what makes the best bubbles; how different materials react to heat and hopefully time for some festive baking.

Spring 2

This half term the children discovered more about their village of Adel. They explored the entire village on foot learning about historic landmarks and points of interest along the way. They investigated its origins and learnt how it has changed over the years.

Children learnt basic map reading skills, the difference between natural and physical features, how to create maps and trace a route. They also got to have great fun in the computer suite on Google Earth locating the school and other landmarks. Which they then practiced drawing in art.


In literacy children applied their new found geography skills with the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood to create story maps to use as a foundation for writing their own versions with dialogue using speech marks.

In maths children spent much of the term getting to grips with fractions, learning about numerators and denominators and what they represent.

Summer 1

This half term we will be focussing on all things bright and beautiful and how they get that way. It will be a topic primarily focussed on spring growth. Children will learn about the life cycle of plants and what a habitat is. What seeds need to grow and survive and how we can test this out with some very interesting experiments. As well as this they will be growing their own sunflowers and creating a vegetable garden on the allotment. And if this wasn't enough excitement for one term they will also begin training for the inter school skipping competition which takes place at the beginning of June.