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This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects
all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment’

Curriculum Provision

Curriculum aim

At Adel St John the Baptist we have a creative, challenging and purposeful curriculum that inspires children to become effective, life-long learners and active members of the community in which they live. The stimulating curriculum is based around topics, where subjects are grouped around a broad theme.  We aim to ensure that the topics we choose:

  • meet the content set out in the new National Curriculum for each of the subjects.
  • expresses the interests and needs of the children at Adel St John.
  • reflects the ethos and Christian values of our school.

Curriculum Delivery

Each topic has four stages of learning, each designed to provide opportunities for children to learn and respond in a variety of ways. Keeping our topics flexible ensures we are able to follow children’s interests and needs.

  • Engage stage: The children fully engage in their learning of a new topic. They make observations, research and set questions about future learning
  • Develop stage: Children Improve knowledge and understanding and develop and practise new skills.
  • Innovate stage: At this stage children now apply skills and knowledge they have previously learnt through problem solving of real or imagined events.
  • Express stage: Children review their learning and inform, share and celebrate their achievements

Some subjects and learning objectives do not fit in naturally to a topic. Where this is the case these are taught discreetly and links are made where possible.


Curriculum teaching

We expect our children to develop the skills to work independently or collaboratively. Many lessons include strategies to encourage purposeful talk that supports children in developing lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally. We provide a stimulating environment that encourages children to become resilient learners, challenging themselves to further knowledge and skills.


Learning together

As a small family school children across the key stages also support each other to learn. Our reading buddy system sees older children forming a partnership with children from Key Stage 1 to further the skills of both children and in past topics classes have combined to plan, research and develop topics together. We endeavour to include a visit in each topic or invite a visitor into school whose skills can support and motivate the children to further their learning.

Home learning is relevant to all the topics of the curriculum. Presented in the form of learning logs; it is research based and allows children to choose their own way to present their findings. We have some excellent home learning which shows creativity and innovation and which is building a love of learning. We also supply our KS2 children with the opportunity to access the interactive Maths programme Mathletics as part of their home learning.


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