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Year 6


Autumn 1

On the first day back in year 6 the children talked about the different responsibilities you have and the safety aspects in life. They acted out some brilliant roleplays on different types of safety for example trains, electricity, fire and water.

On a Monday and Thursday the Y6 children have been working on Aztec death masks with Mrs Whitehead. They were very exciting and they turned out really well as they looked like they were made from metal. They had to draw it, glue over the pencil lines, then paint the whole picture in black and last but not least they used jay cloths to spread the metallic paint over the artwork.



This week in year 6 they have being having a look at a Mexican myth called The dwarf of Uxmal it was based on a woman who found a strange looking dwarf and took him in and from then on he did some challenges and eventually he became king of Uxmal. Soon after they had read it the year 6 children listed all the key points of the story. From that they will be writing a story that they will read to the year 2 or year 3 children and the idea of this is that it should be a good challenge for the year 6 pupils and it should even widen the vocabularies of the younger children in our school!

Autumn 2

Marvellous Mind-bending Maths Week - by Michaela Moore

This week year 6 have been taking part in the maths week that has been taking place throughout school.

Tuesday morning came and went like lightning. Logic filled their minds to help them answer the questions that ranged from easy to super hard. The traffic light system was used to indicate what level they were working on. In the afternoon a ponderous puzzle expert came to school and helped them, and year 5, to solve the puzzles she set. The puzzles included jigsaws, penguins on ice bergs and a never-ending race track. All the children who participated had a whale of a time with this unexpected visitor.

On Wednesday, year 6 learnt more about angles. Making nets for prisms such as pentagonal, octagonal and decagonal was in the plan for that afternoon. Though it wasn’t that easy, they had to measure angles to make them perfectly regular. Then they had the chance to decorate their masterpieces.

Thursday, filled with newspaper and Fibonacci sequences. Because of maths week, they made newspaper sculptures for the structure competition throughout the school and (also for a school competition) worked out the sequence for the Fibonacci poem, wrote a poem about maths using the sequence and finally wrote the bonfire night poem for the competition.

Eventually, the competition came and the winners were announced. A great end to maths week!!!!


Spring 1 Half Term

Our topic this half term is ID. We have already begun to look at our identities as part of our PSHE day and have continued to study more in-depth who we are, by learning about genetics. We will also be looking at the human body and criminal activity this half term, so there is a great range of subjects involved for the children to enjoy. 

Robotics Day 

On Thursday 19th, January a few very lucky children from each KS2 were selected to take a trip up to Ireland Wood Primary School to take part in a robotics day. All of them were glad to be chosen and given the opportunity to Build ‘n’ Battle robots for the day! An instructor told them what to do and they immediately got stuck in with the task. A box of bits were provided for them to create there mini but vicious robots.


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Here  is some the excellent learning from Year 6 last year:

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is Frozen Kingdom. We have already begun to look at the geographical features of the polar regions and of course have our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park planned to go and see the polar bears there. Whilst there, and once back at school, we will be learning all about adaptation and our part in protecting the environment. We are also going to be putting our business brains to good use, planning a way to raise money to adopt a polar bear!

Aladdin Week

Aladdin Week was great fun for the whole school and here are a few of the pictures of what was going on in Year 6 - from researching the geography of 'Arabia' and making a Disney-inspired head-dress to learning a dance to David Bowie's Jean Genie and cooking healthy koftas, it really was a fun time!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Tuesday, Year 6 had a brilliant time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was very cold but we wrapped up warm and set off to see lions, tigers, camels and wallabies, although we were most interested in the polar bears, as our topic is Frozen Kingdom. The 3 polar bears who live at the park, Pixel, Nissan and Victor were fascinating to watch; Nissan and Victor were playing and walking about so we saw them clearly and enjoyed learning about their adaptation in our educational talk, 'The Bear Necessities', where Izzy dressed as a polar bear and Josh D, Rhea and Issac played musical icebergs. Whilst we were having fun though, we learnt more and more about how polar bears' lives are at risk from global warming and we are going to be thinking about how we can make a positive impact here - watch this space!

Art work in Adel Church

In RE, we have been learning about Expressing Faith through the Arts and on Wednesday, Reverend White kindly agreed to let us come to church to have a look at the art work there, in particular, the stained glass windows. It was explained to us which figures were represented in the windows and why they had been chosen and the children had the chance to look around at the windows, carvings on the font and wall hangings too, before sketching something of their choice. It was a really interesting afternoon.


Soap Carving

The children have created a very sweet-smelling atmosphere in Year 6 this afternoon, carving soap into polar bear shapes! They seem to have taken to the skill very quickly, showing great progress in their carving ability and attention to detail. Have a look at the photos to see for yourself!

Ice Bucket Challenge

Having been told they were going to be raising money to adopt a polar bear, the Year 6s set about coming up with fundraising ideas and with a few potential ideas considered, decided to hold a 'Sea-Ice Bucket Challenge' February...Oh dear! However, they entered into the event with brilliant attitudes, soaking each other with the icy water and especially enjoying soaking Mrs Williams and me! Not only was the afternoon great fun though, the Year 6s raised a tremendous £302.76, which Mrs Hainsworth has agreed to make up to £310. What an amazing achievement!! Well done, Year 6!


Spring 2

We have a new topic this half term, Hola Mexico! Due to the imminent arrival of SATs week, there will be fewer topic sessions during the week than previously, so as to include more English and Maths into the curriculum but there will still be plenty of cross-curricular learning relating to this topic, with us focusing mainly on geography, history and music.

Mexican Cookery

This week, the children have started a new topic, learning about Mexico, and have kick-started it with some cookery - burritos and vegetable chilli. The children really enjoyed themselves and were sensible and careful, especially when putting the chilli into the dishes, although some still found them a little too hot! The tasting session was over in a matter of minutes with many asking for more - testament to the chefs! The children also used their cooking to help them create imaginary restaurant reviews - look out for some of the most professional ones on Pobble!


Roman Numerals

This week, Year 6 spent one of their maths lessons outside, completing challenges based on time, measure, shape and Roman numerals. It was very cold but their brains worked hard to keep them warm and some great collaborative work went on.

Summer 1

As you know, the SATs are not far away now so there will be a heavy focus on them for the next 2 weeks. Once SATs are completed, we will be spending a lot more time on our topic, A Child’s War, and will be working with Year 5 on some joint project work in the last week of the half term.

End of SATs treat

After a very busy week, the culmination of much revision and hard work, the children had a treat on Thursday, baking the World War 2 recipe, Woolton Pie and watching a DVD. The children all got stuck in with the different jobs and enjoyed trying the vegetables, recognising the health benefits to such a diet which would, at the time, have been restricted by rationing.

Anderson Shelters

On Friday, Year 6 had a great day being creative, planning, making and evaluating Anderson Shelters. They worked brilliantly in teams to ensure that everybody had a job to do and all managed to create a unique but effective shelter to keep their cardboard figures safe during an air-raid! Have a look at the photos to see their designs.