Robin Hood's Bay Day 2

Winners of the Robin Hood's Bay Talent Show are...The Free Boyz! Watch their winning performance below.

Robin Hood's Bay Day 1

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Spring 2 2017

Our next topic takes us on a magical journey to Alchemy Island where the children will use lots of imagination to learn key skills in all subject areas. Throughout their journey on the island they will walk through the Crystal Forest past the Fountain of Gold across the Rainbow Dunes up to Dragon Vine Towers that lies in the Kingdom of Stormhand. They have already started to unravel some riddles of the island and we are sure they are going to really enjoy solving more this half-term.

Separating Investigating Spring 2017

The chief Alchemist from Alchemy Island presented Year 5 with a problem to solve last week. The water from the gem well was contaminated and they needed Year 5 to decontaminate the water. Year 5 found out about different ways of separating materials and set about filtering, sieving and evaporating the contaminated water. They drew beautifully detailed an labelled diagrams of their investigation. Thankfully they managed to decontaminate all of the water except the salty water as they had to use evaporation to separate the water from the salt and of course this meant there was no water left!  

Year 5 

Spring 1 2017

Our topic this half term is called ‘Pharaohs’. We will be traveling back 5000 years to the dusty realms of Ancient Egypt entering a world of mysteries, curses, mummies and kings. We will unravel the secrets of ancient tombs finding out about powerful pharaohs and grandiose gods as well as becoming an apprentice for Ramose, the chief embalmer, to help him prepare a body for the journey into the afterlife! We will be finding out about the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb whilst learning to write chronological reports and develop our mystery story writing through 'The Mummy's Finger' by Ian MacDonald. Mummification was developed in Egyptian times and Year 5 will become mummifiers of...bananas, to help their understanding, of course! In Geography, we will be developing atlas skills, find out all about Egypt's famous landmarks as well as comparing different land uses. We will be learning why the Nile was so important to the development of ancient Egyptian society. Our trip to Leeds Museum will help to consolidate our learning and we'll even get to see a real mummy!




 The Trip to the Museum

On Wednesday the 18th Year 5 went to the Leeds City Museum. The day started off as a usual school day. Then they headed off on the coach. When they arrived everyone went off to the animal section where we saw a large moose,   a pair of monkeys and a polar bear! When they finished looking they headed off for lunch ready for the afternoon. After lunch they met their tour guide/teacher for the rest of their journey. The first thing they did was to get into three different groups which were Cleopatra, Tutankhamen and Anubis. At the end of the day one of the groups would win. After this, they went to the deep dark underworld / the Ancient Worlds along with the real life mummy, Nesymun! After each group had been in the Mummy’s room we headed back to the classroom. There were three activities left to do. The activities were making an amulet, drawing a God and mummifying a fake mummy (which EVERYONE loved.)The amulet was made from modelling clay. Another activity to do was to draw an Egyptian god. There were a lot of pieces of paper so everyone got a chance to draw a head, body, and legs/ tail. Once the head of the god was drawn the paper was folded so the next person to carry on. The finished drawings were really, really bizarre. The last activity was a fake mummification operation. The children had to take out the guts!!! Weirdly most of them enjoyed it. They had to try and find the right guts and put them in the matching canopic jar. At the end of the day the guide announced the champions… Drumroll please… ANUBIS!!! Yay!                                                                                                                                                                         

Banana Mummies

As part of our learning about the Ancient Egyptians Year 5 have been learning about the mummification process. They have made their very own banana mummies! First, the scooped out all of the insides, dried the skin in salt and then stuffed them with sawdust and spices before the were sewn up and wrapped in bandages ready to be sent to the Afterlife!

Autumn 1 2016

On 6th of September 2016 the whole school had a PSHE day. In year 5, we focused on risks and peer pressure. Everyone was in a group to do a role play about peer pressure some chose smoking, stealing and drinking alcohol under the age of 18 in public. In the morning we wrote down our worries and threw them down a fake river.


Year 5 have been learning about the gruesome and gory death of Anne Boleyn as part of their learning about the Tudors in their topic, 'Off with her Head'. They actually re-enacted the gory event to try and find out how Anne Boleyn and the crowd reacted at this brutal execution. They have then used this to help them write factual but descriptive recounts in newspaper reports. Well done Year 5 for some great writing.

Year 5’s Tudor Banquet 

Year 5 had a Tudor Banquet there were 3 courses. The class got dressed up in Tudor costumes they brought to school. Everyone was welcomed to the grand Banquet. King Charles and Queen Claudia were served first. The first course was vegetable pottage which most people enjoyed .The next course was chicken, mince pies and roasted carrots - yum. The last course was gingerbread and jelly. Mmmmmm. To finish the banquet off there was a role play and Tudor dancing they had been learning in PE. It was an amazing day.






Year 5’s trip to Temple Newsam

Year 5 went to Temple Newsam as part of the topic on Tudors. When they arrived the first room they went in was the entrance hall where they were met by members of staff who took them through the grand house. Firstly, they went upstairs where they entered the grand hall and volunteers from year 5 acted out the timeline of the house.

Next, the terrific tour guides took them through the first workshop ‘Time Travellers’ where they had to spot if the house was Tudor or not at the end they decided it was Tudor. One of the boys had to dress up as a girl as Tudor boys wore girls clothes until the age of 7!

After that workshop it was lunch, delicious lunch and year 5 definitely needed it because the next workshop was ‘Dress to Impress’! In this workshop there was 2 activities. The first activity was looking at portraits in the house to see if they were Tudor and to see what rich Tudors wore followed by looking at some artefacts which the children had to guess what they were used for and then try and bluff the rest of class with their explanations - it was great fun. In the second activity they had to dress like a rich Tudor and dance to a famous piece of music ‘Green Sleeves’, they danced fabulously!

That was the end of the day and Year 5 really enjoyed it I bet they want to come back again.

Year 5`s maths week

In year 5 we have been for Maths week we have been about learning maths puzzles. The first puzzle they did was the Smartie investigation and the best thing about the Smartie investigation was they got to eat them after!

On Tuesday in the afternoon they went to a puzzle workshop with Year 6, the first puzzle they did was penguins on an ice burg which was a hard puzzle because the ice burg wobbled and in order to finish you had to have all the penguins on the ice burg. The next puzzle was build the castle where you had some building blocks and a photo and you had to match the building blocks to the photo they thought that was easier. After that was a mind bending fabric toy town road but there was a twist all of the roads had to be connected to each other. The entire group had to have good brains for this one, a marble run (without a marble,) again all the tubes had to be attached to each other, to help they had two tube stoppers. Finally we did a very difficult puzzle it was a brain frying circle inside a square. There was a pattern with the colours to make the shape. Sadly we had to leave for the end of the day. But their minds were ready for the next challenge ahead.

The next day there was a mind sizzling challenge, to make a 3D shape, with a catch. The only material they could use was newspaper and sellotape. Most groups did a cube or a pyramid but it was still as brain destroying as ever. Sadly they all failed but Year 5 got another chance to have a better shot. This time they all got so much better (they actually stood up!) One group got chosen for the competition to win a packet of malteasers! Yummmm. On Friday the QUIZ happened where mums came in to verse the kids. But the mums embarrassed themselves by losing to the younger minds. Well done to Bo, Bruce, Rohan, Lilly, Fay, Fintan, Alex and Abigail for doing the quiz.







 Here is some of the excellent learning from Year 5 last year:

Spring 1

Our new topic in Year 5 is called ‘Stargazers’. We will be buckling in and blasting off to find out all about our amazing Solar System! Throughout our topic, we will be looking at the planets in the solar system, creating our own aliens and testing different rockets. We will discover how the understanding of things beyond planet Earth has changed over history and read some of the myths and legends linked to space. We watched UK astronaut, Tim Peake, journey into space before Christmas and now Year 5 are embarking on our own voyage of discovery!

Tim Peake

As part of our Stargazers topic we have been keeping a keen eye on Tim Peake's space adventure in the International Space Station. We have even took part in a Cosmic Classroom where Tim Peake. 400,000 pupils in primary and secondary schools around the world including Year 5 from Adel St John watched Tim Peake's Cosmic Classroom live link. Tim answered questions about living on the ISS such as eating, work and experiments as well as the effects of living in an environment with weaker gravity on his body.

Apple Store Trip

Year 5 had a fabulous visit to the Apple Store to round off all of their wonderful learning about Space this half-term. The children impressed the staff with their space knowledge and then put it to use to make a space video using iMovie. They learned how to use storyboards to plan their ideas, use ipads to video and then use editing tools to enhance them. Their were lots of creative, interesting and in some cases funny videos. The children particularly liked getting their own Apple T-shirt and watch style USB!

Spring 2

Our new topic in Year 5 is called ‘Time Traveller’. Following our journey through space, we will now be travelling through time! We will be finding out how things have changed over the last century, and looking at how we have changed in our lifetime. Our imaginations will be stretched as we travel to the past and the future. So jump on board your time machine-don’t be late!


Holy Week

Year 5 have been learning about Holy Week in RE. They have created a fantastic drama for a poem about the resurrection and sightings of Jesus when he had risen. Their dramas showed their excellent understanding of what had happened and the different emotions of those involved.

Rewind to Easter

Year 5 have been to South Parade Baptist Church for an exciting afternoon of Easter activities! During ‘Rewind to Easter’ we learnt about story of Easter through film and drama- we had some fantastic actors! We all enjoyed decorating a plant pot and planting a bulb to remind us of the new life Jesus brought at Easter.

Fairtrade Dragon's Den

Summer 1

Our new topic in Year 5 is called ‘The Great Outdoors’. We will be finding out about many of the things that help our beautiful country be what it is. We will be looking at growing our own plants as well as finding out about the different types of farming around the UK. Of course, we will be delving into how the UK’s dramatic coastline is formed on our residential trip and learn to navigate our way around bridal ways and cliff paths as well as compare a coastal village to our home city of Leeds. We will also have lots of opportunity to take up pencil, pastel, charcoal and brush as we are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us! We are sure we are all going to enjoy the exciting half term!

Robin Hood's Bay

We have had an amazing start to our residential at Robin Hood’s Bay. The sun has shone from the moment we left Adel St John and is still shining now while we sit overlooking the beautiful red rooftops of Robin Hood’s Bay. The children have enjoyed a successful fossil hunt and found out what Robin Hood’s Bay was like 200 million years ago. They have battled with quilt covers, pillow cases and sheets and are very ready for tea!