Year 5

Annual Plan

Autumn 1

Year 5 are studying the topic of Tudors and how life was very different then compared to now. So far the children have looked for clues in portraits as to the type of person certain Monarchs will have been. They have also painted a Monarch and found out about Henry VIII’s six wives. Learning the Horrible Histories song: ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced beheaded and alive’ has helped remember the order of the wives fates. We have researched facts about the War of the roses and made a Tudor rose from saltdough. These are about to be painted then varnished. In PE, the children have learnt the ‘Pavane’ dance and are now creating their own version in small groups. In English, the children have written biographies on Henry VIII and newspaper reports on the execution of Anne Boleyn. Crime and punishment is another area we will be finding out about including the gruesome ways people were treated when they did something wrong.