Year 4 

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Spring 2 - Oceans

Fish Dissection 

Last week Y4 dissected a fish as part of their topic on Oceans. They shared 1 between 3. First, they cut it open and found bladders, back bones, jaws and tails. Using their scissors and hands they opened up the fish. Finally, they had to stick their scissors through the fish’s back side, and cut the bottom of the fish to the head! It was quite gory but everyone tried really hard.

Spring 2 - Raiders and Traders

Autumn 1

On Monday 19th September 2016 Rachel an Aromatherapy worker came into class. She talked about massages and aromatherapy. We made some amazing smells using different types of herbs and flowers. Every one smelt all different aromatherapy oils, to massage people. We lit up the room with candlelight and thought about things that had happened to us recently. We also looked at people that were having massages to help us understand that people used this for relaxation. Year 4 were all very chilled by the end of the day!

 Maths week


On Tuesday 1st November the Happy Puzzle Company came in to do some mind blowing puzzles with Year 4. The first activity was to carefully place plastic penguins on a wobbly plastic ice-burg. Becky said that you needed to work as a team. Even though everyone followed her advice nobody succeeded at the challenge! The next challenge was to attach a road together with no dead ends. The puzzle was very hard but we managed to complete it. The whole class enjoyed it and learnt to always work as a team.    





Here is some of the excellent learning from Year 4 from last year:

Spring 1

Our learning project is entitled ‘Raiders and Traders’ and covers all subject areas with a focus on History and Geography. We will be looking at how Britain changed through the Dark Ages when Anglo Saxons and Vikings settled here. I spoke with the children before the holidays and some of the things they have asked to do are: Cook and enjoy a Viking feast, find out about their religions and how did they entertain themselves! I have arranged for the company ‘Moving Words’ to visit the children for Drama work based on Viking Gods. I am also hoping to organise a Viking Day, instead of a trip, where parents will be invited into school at 3.15pm to see all the work the children have done.


Viking Gods

On Wednesday 3rd February Year 4 took part in a drama workshop on the Viking Gods. The company ‘Moving Words’ came to visit our classroom for the whole morning. Colin and Adam, the leaders, encouraged all the children to take part in actions, moving, facial expression and reciting poetry. The children moved like Loki, the God of mischief and Odin the Chief Viking God with one eye. The music was very dramatic and loud. Zaine said “I liked the singing and actions because I’ve never done it like that before.” Ellie said “It’s fun. You don’t feel like you’re learning but you are.” Every child took part and joined in with the actions, it was a fantastic morning! Have a look at our photos to see us in action.

Viking Day

Year 4 held a Viking Day in school and got dressed up for battle on the playing fields. The other activities they were involved in were using beetroot to dye fabric, painting the evil eye onto faces using face paints and making coin rubbings using resources from Jorvik. The day also consisted of eating a Viking feast, as chosen by the children at the start of the topic. They made a beef and a vegetable stew, with boiled potatoes and lots of cabbage!! They baked bread by hand and poured honey on. Parents were invited into the classroom at the end of the day to look at their children’s writing from over the half term, sample their cooking and watch videos from the drama workshop they took part in. Everyone commented on their enjoyment of seeing all the children’s learning and the children had a brilliant day.


Spring 2

This half terms learning theme which is called ‘Blue Abyss’. There are many fantastic activities lined up to encourage creativity and engagement. I have arranged a trip to The Deep in Hull on 9th March. We are also dissecting fish next week! 

This half term is that time of year when Year 3 and 4 take part in our Easter production. Songs and lines are already being learnt, another busy half term!


Dissect a fish

Last week Year 4 all agreed and signed up for the exciting opportunity to dissect fish! Miss Jackson bought some Herring, and before cutting them open, asked the children to predict what they thought might be inside the fish. Wearing aprons and working on tables covered in newspaper, Year 4 set about using craft scissors to cut the underneath of the fish. There were a lot of expressive noises from the children, some of awe and some of disgust!! Every child joined in by observing or cutting, it was their own choice. Some the features we identified inside the fish were the back bone, intestines and jaw. The children were very sensible and inquisitive during the activity, with one child deciding she wants to be a vet when she is older. What an experience!


The Deep

On Wednesday 9th March Year 4 visited The Deep in Hull. It was a wonderful day filled with exciting things to see and search for. The different zone areas offered a variety of creatures to find. We saw sting rays, sharks, clown fish in anemones and even frogs and beetles in the Slime area. A highlight was the Kingdom of ice where we saw the penguins and touched the wall of ice. Brrr!!

Year 4 also attended a very informative workshop based on ‘Shark Food’ where we learnt about shark teeth and what they eat. The children used an interactive touch screen in the classroom area and handled genuine jaws from sharks. They also recorded their learning to bring back to the classroom.

Members of the public and staff at The Deep all commented on the brilliant behaviour of our class. Miss Jackson was very proud of them, as always.

On returning from our visit to The Deep the children wrote persuasive letters to other schools to encourage them to take a trip. The letters were of a high quality due to their enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment of the day. A really positive experience all round.

Summer 1

Our theme for this half term is called ‘I am Warrior’ and looks at the Roman Empire and Invasion of Britain. We are finding out about their inventions, what they wore and how they lived. We are also exploring the training needed to be a Roman soldier, comparing the Celtic warriors, Boudicca and many more interesting facts. The children have already shown enthusiasm for this new topic, so I know it will be an equal success.


Year 4 are focussing on a History theme this half term, learning about The Romans and why the civilisation was so important to our country. The children are writing commentaries based on a Gladiator fight at the Colosseum, using dramatic language and an informal tone. They are also designing and making Roman shields to practice formations the Romans used to protect themselves. Researching Roman life and where they settled in England will help them find names of cities that originate from Roman times. Boudicca and the Iceni tribe will be the focus of some drama work and freeze frames photographs. The children will write up her life story based on the pictures they are the stars in! Last of all the learning theme will come to a close with a Roman Day in school. An opportunity to come to school and dress up as Roman, make mosaics, Gladiator sandals and play Roman games such as Tic-tac-toe, Dice and Marbles. Not forgetting the feast of pancakes and fruit.

York Young Leaders Award

This half term Year 4 will begin their work through York Young Leaders Award. This award allows the children to find ways to improve their community. Each child receives a log book and pencil to record all the work they do along the way. The first part of the award is to define what a leader is and the attributes needed to be a good leader. They then identify the changes that need to be made within surrounding areas of the school. The children are the leaders to make that change! Good Luck Year 4!