This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects
all staff, volunteers and
visitors to share this commitment’.


Autumn 1 

The reception children have settled in really well and have had lots of fun exploring the environment and making new friends.  We have been busy painting self portraits for our welcome display and the children have brought in photographs of them as babies and of their family to support our topic, All About Me.  They've all been eager to show their photographs to their class mates and tell us all about their families.  We had our first PE lesson, this half term we are doing gymnastics. The children enjoyed practising different ways of balancing.  Miss Kane baked pizza bread with the children, which was absolutely delicious.


Autumn 2

Our topic this half-term is Celebrations and we will be learning about different beliefs, religions and celebrations.  We have learnt about the history of Bonfire Night and the reason we celebrate 5th November.  The children created some wonderful bonfire and fire work pictures for our display, using a variety of materials.  We have also learnt that Sikh and Hindu people celebrate Diwali and why it is called the festival of light.  The children enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita, showing particular interest in Ravana, the ten headed, wicked, demon king.  We looked at some beautiful rangoli patterns used for decoration during Diwali and the children carefully coloured in their own.   We also made and decorated lanterns which are on display in our classroom.  We will be discussing other religions and looking at the similarities and differences of their beliefs and celebrations.  We will be focussing on Christian beliefs in the lead up to Christmas and learning about the Christmas story.  We have started practicing the songs for the nativity play, which has prompted discussion about Jesus and why he was such a special baby.  We have just finished phase 2 phonics and the children have made good progress with their reading and writing skills.  We are going to consolidate their learning in phase 2 before moving on to phase 3 in the near future.  We are all looking forward to the busy but exciting few weeks ahead.